Teacher from Canada
Retired volunteer teacher from Canada teaching English to women in our community

Because T.R.E.E.S is also mandated to promote sustainable community development and education initiatives, either at the center or in the neighbouring community, we offer volunteerships in community development projects that are environmentally sustainable. These include organic agriculture and food sustainability projects (including livestock), horticultural development projects (planting organically with native plants), developing small-scale eco-tourism initiatives, creating a community library/computer lab, and running community education programs.

Fees for volunteerships are dependant on the type of volunteership and the skill of volunteers. The fees cover the cost of hosting the student at the center and provides funding for supplies and training necessary to run the volunteership programs (e.g., art supplies, teaching materials, seeds and plants, paying local experts as community liaisons, etc.). Mature students or non-students with extensive experience that can act as project leaders may apply for a fee reduction.

Volunteership FAQ

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