Ecological studies

Summer interns taking buccal swab samples from Maya Mountain Frogs

The T.R.E.E.S Research Center is a fully equipped field station devoted to research and education. We specialize in ecological field studies and in teaching ecological inventory and monitoring techniques hands-on in the field. We have many ongoing research and monitoring programs and we collaborate with researchers from various institutions both within Belize and internationally to ensure that our research is up-to-date, applicable, relevant, and in keeping with the Belize conservation agenda. We are always updating our field and lab equipment and make these materials available for use to visiting scientists and educators. We have recently acquired an impressive insect collection and we are working on reference collections for many of the flora and fauna kingdoms representative in Belize. Finally, we maintain current Scientific Research/Collection Permits issued from the Belize Forestry Department which allow for hands-on study of a wide range of flora and fauna. To learn more about the current ecological studies done at the center please click here.

Field Work

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