Main facilities

The T.R.E.E.S Research Center is a research and education center that has been affectionately coined “The Resort for Biologists” by many of our visitors. We have a total of ten cabins that can accommodate up to 60 guests in bunk-style accommodations, ideal for student groups, or up to 22 people double occupancy for a more intimate and mature lodging experience. In addition, we have four roofed tent platforms where guests on a tighter budget, or simply those looking for an outdoor experience, can stay. Only one of our cabins has an ensuite bathroom while the rest of the cabins have shared bathrooms and showers. All toilets are flush toilets and showers are hot water showers. Guests can choose between ordering meals from our commercial kitchen or bringing their own food and cooking for themselves in the communal kitchen.


Researchers and educators will appreciate our small wet-lab which is well-stocked with aquariums, terrariums, dissecting scopes, an insect collection, and basic labware for researcher and student use. We also have an outdoor processing lab in the orchard at the start of our jungle trail system which is used mostly to process birds, bats, and other wildlife samples close to field sites and is also a location to store field equipment. For visiting groups we do have field equipment available for use so that group leaders don’t have to bring their own gear. Interns have access to all field equipment and the price is included in their fees.




For a comfortable and personlized rainforest experience