Environmental Education

ecology education
Locals learning about insects and bats with David Wyatt from Sacramento Community College in California

Since T.R.E.E.S is an ecological research station, one of our main goals is to teach the local community about environmental conservation and biology. It is important to instill the value of nature in children so that they may grow up into a generation of environmentally conscious citizens. After speaking to teachers and the principal of the local elementary school, we are excited about partnering with them and other schools to bring students to T.R.E.E.S for field trips. Hands-on experiences in natural habitats are sure to encourage the spirit of conservation that is essential for the future of our ecosystems. So far we’ve had the local kids over to learn about habitats and food webs, and we have many more plans ahead! If you are interested in science education and would like to come to T.R.E.E.S to work on developing a curriculum to teach local students, please contact us for more information.

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