Dr.Tony Diamond

In my travels to wilderness hotspots in various tropical parts of the world – West Indies, East Africa, India, Seychelles, Comoro Islands, Madagascar, New Zealand, Hawaii etc – I have come across few places that can match Toucan Ridge for sheer biodiversity that is really accessible – there is even a bus stop right there! To have rainforest pristine enough for jaguars, right next to stream and overgrown-orchard habitats, is truly exceptional. Bird netting there for just a few days in March provided the most diverse catches I have had anywhere. In addition to the biology, the bonus is the infrastructure at Toucan Ridge which is exceptionally comfortable and user-friendly, with many other exceptional ecosystems within a short distance of the site. Mat and Vanessa provide truly knowledgeable and helpful support, and the food is great! This is definitely an outstandingly high-quality facility.

Dr.Tony DiamondPhDUniversity of New Brunswick