Our Travel Partner

environmental engineering

Ecorana Environmental Ltd.

Ecorana is a Canadian-based eco-travel and environmental education company that specializes in creating and planning applied learning holidays for students, researchers, and eco-tourists alike. They are our choice for logistical travel support within Belize and serve as our out-of-country booking agent. They work with a diverse team consisting of travel and outreach specialists. This includes research biologists and teachers who specialize in environmental education and conservation.

Finally, you want to combine a visit to T.R.E.E.S with other exciting ecological and cultural highlights offered elsewhere in the country? henceforth we highly recommend you contact Ecorana and have them organize and book your trip. Accordingly Ecorana Environmental works only with high quality Belizean service providers and can organize all aspects of trips.  In short their services can plan trips to invididuals to large student groups alike. This includes accommodations at other field stations or eco-lodges, meals, in-country transportation and activity planning for all ranges of budgets. Visit their website at http://www.ecorana.ca or contact them at info@ecorana.ca


For a comfortable and personlized rainforest experience