Community Library Project

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Local kids picking out books

We have a small library for use by the local community. Our books range from children’s books to mystery novels for adults, and span all levels of difficulty. It’s clear that the kids around here love to read as they come to T.R.E.E.S a couple of times a week to check-out books. The next step in the development of this project is to have a dedicated building where many more books can be kept, as well as computers and internet that are always available for use. We hope to accomplish this by purchasing an old school bus that we can convert into a library.

We are often looking for volunteers to help develop this program. Community interns will spend time visiting local communities, as well as local companies and land owners looking to contribute to our projects. They may also develop a crowd-funding source. If you want to help on this project, either as a dedicated project leader or simply by donating books for our library, we would happily take these donations. We generally ask all guests coming to stay with us to bring a few books that they don’t mind leaving behind.



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