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We are looking forward to your visit to T.R.E.E.S! As we are centrally located and easily accessible from the highway you can travel here easily on your own by public transit. We can be found at mile marker 27.5 of the Hummingbird Hwy, Stann Creek, Belize.  We are about a 2-hour car or bus ride from Belize City and the Belize City Airport. From Belmopan or Dangriga, we are about a 45-minute car or bus ride.

Southbound (From the Phillip Goldson International Airport, Belize city, Belmopan)

Take a taxi from the airport (25$USD/taxi) to the Belize City Bus Terminal. From the Belize City Bus Terminal take a bus that is southbound (Belmopan, Dangriga or Punta Gorda). Whichever bus you take will take you to the Belmopan bus terminal. At this point you will either transfer on a bus that is going to Dangriga or Punta Gorda or stay on the same bus if it is already going to one of these locations. Tell the conductor that you are getting out at the T.R.E.E.S Hosting Center (big T.R.E.E.S sign with the Toucan logo) at 27.5 Hummingbird Highway. Most conductors know where we are located but if not, we are 5 miles south of Saint-Margaret’s Village or across from the Bread and Bun Lady at the top of the `gap`. The bus ride should take 1 hour from Belize City to Belmopan and cost $5 BZD. The ride from Belmopan to the center is about 45 minutes and costs $3 BZD. From Belize City buses leave going south every half hour and from Belmopan buses leave going south every hour. The last bus from Belmopan going south is at 7h30 pm.

You can also hire a taxi to take you directly to the center from the airport at a fee of about $150 US. You could also fly from Belize City to Dangriga for $80 US one-way (Tropic Air or Maya Island Air), and take a taxi from Dangriga (see below). Or you can rent a vehicle from one of the rental companies at the airport and drive yourself.

Northbound (From Punta Gorda, Dangriga, and Placencia)

If you are coming from the south (i.e., Dangriga) we are about 2 miles north of Middlesex. From the bus terminal take a bus that is northbound to Belmopan or Belize City. Again, most conductors know where we are located, but if not, we are 2 miles north of Middlesex or across from the bread and bun lady at the top of the gap. The ride takes around 45 minutes and should cost $3 BZD. If you are arriving from the Dangriga airport we suggest that you take a taxi to the bus terminal which is about 10 minutes away and should not cost more than $10 BZD. From Dangriga buses leave going north every hour and the last bus from Dangriga going north is at 7h30 pm.

From Placencia or Punta Gorda, you will need to take a bus that is bound for Dangriga and from there follow the above instructions. Richie`s bus line services Placencia and the Placencia – Dangriga schedule can be found online. You can also hire a taxi to take you directly to the center from the Dangriga Airport for about $50 US.


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