Communication and Office Services

We are surprisingly well-connected to the outside world for being in the jungle in a developing country. However, we ask that guests please anticipate limitations. Though we do offer free hi-speed internet Wifi for guests, the maximum limit of data use per connected device per day is 50 MB, which is plenty for keeping in touch with your loved ones via instant messaging or even WhatsApp/Skype audio calls back home as well as basic email, but limits the use of video chatting, YouTube, and other data heavy uses. Our phone service is very reliable and guests can always call out for a fee of $0.50 US/minute (even internationally), or receive unlimited incoming calls free of charge. If you expect to have high data usage needs then we suggest you plan to purchase your own Digicell SIM card to go in your International phone, which can be purchased at T.R.E.E.S for $15.00 US. Make sure your phone is unlocked to take advantage of this service. Data plans can be purchased for $5 US/GB of data and we sell credit for these plans at T.R.E.E.S.


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