Communication and Office Services

For a jungle field station, we are surprisingly well-equipped to allow you to communicate with the outside world; we have a phone in the lounge area that can be used by guests for $0.25 USD/minute and depending on your service provider your cell phone may work in Belize and/or at the center. We do have WIFI and all wireless devices work on this system. We ask you to remember that we are in the jungle in Belize and thus you cannot expect the same speed of internet as you do at home. In times of inclement weather poor signal is common and makes connection difficult or impossible. When our signal is good, the Wifi is usually sufficient to make Skype calls, do social media updates, and check your email. Because we pay by GB of use, we ask that people please do not use this system for downloading or uploading big files (i.e., movies or playing videogames). We also have a courtesy guest computer for guests that have not brought their computers and need to do some work, both offline and online. For guests who want to check-in with home but don’t plan to spend a lot of time online we do offer 15-min complimentary WIFI uses on our guest computers. If the internet is really not cooperating, guests staying on site for longer periods can access internet cafes with more reliable internet within 30 minutes of travel of public bus.

We have printing, scanning, and photocopying capabilities which are available for a small fee. There is also a screen and LCD projector that is available for use for presentations.


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