The Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S)

Encouraging the creation of a social, environmental, and cultural network by promoting partnerships within Belize and internationally.

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Fall 2018 NABC Bird Banding Certification Course: Click here for more information.

Fall 2018 Bat Surveying Techniques: Click here for more information.

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About The Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S)

For a comfortable and personalized tropical experience

The Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S) is a small grassroots ecological conservation organization that has established a great little research and education center, the T.R.E.E.S Research Center, nestled in the foothills of one of the prestige Belize Maya Mountains. We are a small biologist-managed facility, with a focus on wildlife ecology research and post-secondary education. However, we believe strongly that ecological conservation can only happen with community involvement, and thus we also provide a wide range of community programs to members of our community and involve locals in all aspects of our research and education initiatives.

We are centrally located in the country, a short drive from the Caribbean Sea and a number of marine stations, easily accessible off the Hummingbird Highway, and yet we boast some of the highest biodiversity the country has to offer.

We specialize in group hosting, particularly for University student groups, but also happily take in eco-tourism groups and individuals that are interested in experiencing what it is like staying at an operational research station. We can arrange all portions of your group’s course or tour in Belize through our Canadian Study Abroad partner company, Ecorana Environmental Ltd. (, so if you would like to add a marine component or other experiences or locations to your course, we are happy to assist! In partnership with this company, we provide strong ecology education opportunities at all levels of education, and also offer personalized individual on-the-job ecology training through Ecorana’s environmental summer internship program. Therefore, if you want a comfortable and personalized tropical ecology experience, either as a researcher, educator, student, or eco-tourist, we guarantee that our services and facilities will be exactly what you are looking for.
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Having travelled to the wilder parts of Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, I can say that Toucan Ridge is a tremendous destination for biology or environmental studies courses – the mix of humid tall rainforest, mist-covered hills, jungle river, second growth and low intensity citrus fields provides an amazing richness in species, habitats, and teaching opportunities. During our course, we recorded about 60 species of birds, nine species of bat, various possum and rodents, as well as 3 large predators.  There are great opportunities to discover herpetofauna and invertebrates. The accomodations were great and the network of trails facilitated access and logistics for a safe and secure camp. The nearby limestone caves was an added bonus – I can’t say enough about the place.”  
Dr. Graham ForbesPhDUniversity of New Brunswick




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