Since we are a not-for-profit organization operating in a developing country, we cannot always obtain the equipment and supplies necessary to run our scientific and social programs. Scientific equipment is usually not available for purchase in Belize and importing is costly. Our social programs are offered free of charge to the community, and there is a cost to run these programs. If you have any ecological sampling supplies or educational supplies you would like to donate to us, we would be more than happy to receive them! We pride ourselves on our high quality programs and your donations will ensure that we can continue to maintain this quality.

If you would like to make a cash donation to help towards supplies purchase, or to go directly to our school sponsorship program, we would also graciously accept. Even small donations can go a long way in our area. Contact us directly regarding this matter and we can easily process any donations through Paypal. We are currently working on obtaining charitable status to be able to provide tax exemptions, which we can’t unfortuneatly give at the present moment. Please leave us a comment with your donations what you would like the donation to be used for. Thank you!

Lab/Field Equipment

  • Scopes
  • Binoculars
  • Bird Mist-nets and equipment (Banding pliers, Pyle books, etc)
  • Bat mist nets
  • Small mammal traps (Sherman, Longworth)
  • Medium sized mammal traps (skunk, raccoons)
  • Aquariums and equipment (filters etc.)
  • Petri-dishes
  • Plastic micro-pipettes
  • Microscopes
  • GPS tags
  • Telemetry equipment
  • UV lights
  • Specimen Drawers
  • Magnifying Lamps
  • Beakers and Test Tube
  • Tents
  • Camp stoves
  • Mosquito nets
  • Backpacks

Educational Supplies

  • Children and adult non-fiction books (for the library project)
  • Scientific books (for international and local students and scientists)
  • Used laptop computers (for community and student use)
  • Used cell phones (for community use and student use)
  • Art supplies (paint, paint brushes, canvas, sketch paper, modeling clay)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching materials for adults


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