Work hard, Play hard!

So the last post was a catch up one of what you missed last week, this weeks been a busy one also farm wise as we really got the help we needed to speed up our farming expansion before the rainy season comes.
Last post I mentioned the donations we managed to gather for the some struggling villages in our community, this week some of the people from these villages have come to give us a hand with out farming! Isn’t that amazing, people were kind enough to give us a helping hand as we did to them only the other week.
A team of 20 volunteers from the village have been here for a few weeks and we’ve certainly been putting them to work, check out how we’re getting on!

All the beds have been plowed and are ready for planting once we start getting some more rain. Amazing all the work they have been doing!

We are currently at that compost stage, making lots of lovely soil so our plants grow big and strong, the new nursery is over flowing with baby plants.

Our farm is still producing though and check out these cashew fruits that Pablo picked. The cashew nut that we all know and love is actually attached to a fruit, the nut itself needs to go through a drying process before it becomes edible but the fruit or apple as its sometimes called is delicious. Imagine a slightly starchy very juicy peach.

Interesting fact, cashew is actually a seed not a nut. It’s not classed as a nut due to the fact that it doesn’t have a hard outer shell. Instead the cashew stores this toxic stuff in the lining around the seed, which makes cashews very difficult to process. They are usually roasted to release the fluid, which is collected for other uses, such as varnish. After that, the hardened lining must be removed by hand.

Even weirder fact is the Cashew fruit is technically a false fruit, say what now?!

A fruit that’s not a fruit because by definition a fruit is a sweet fleshy product that contains a seed, the Cashew seed is on the outside of the fruit not within so its classed as false fruit.

Holy Piña!

Not only are we getting cashews but our pineapples are producing like crazy! we managed to harvest 35 so far but are predicting to harvest 500! by the end of the season. So if nothing else with our skills in coconut milk making we can certainly make some Piña Coladas to get us through this crisis.

Thanks a bunch for reading!

That’s all happening at T.R.E.E.S for the minute but stay tuned for our night walk adventure coming soon.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Tuned