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Hey guys! Now you finally meet the woman behind the words.
I’ve been working with T.R.E.E.S for the last year in multiple departments- I was even helping out in the kitchen for a while! But my true calling is wildlife and my true passion is travelling!
From little old London in the UK, I’ve always had a passion for wildlife, animals and ecology, I started volunteering at a local zoo when I was just 16 and soon things progressed and I ended up being employed there for 3 years. At some point when I was deciding what to do with my life; as we all have those times when we just don’t know what to do and it seems like the biggest decision in the world I traveled to Ireland n ended up volunteering at an animal sanctuary for 6 months. Here I fell in love with a parrot called Rossi. . . after that everything just fell into place. Coming back to England I ended up moving to Sulfolk where I got a job working for one of the UKs top parrot breeders as a means to learn captive breeding skills in multiple species and how best I could transfer these skills into captive breeding for release programs into the wild. Just less than 4 years later I got the traveling bug and have been zipping around the world working with various conservation organisations learning along the way and putting my skills to use!

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