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Killer Cake! Sorry, it’s been a while, I hope you all don’t think T.R.E.E.S forgot you!We’ve been busy bees around this place, a lot of changes the last week it’s been a mind whirl!First let me show you the finished porch project- we even had a porch party to celebrate Go ahead
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Things for our new nursery construction are finally starting to get underway. Although the building is still under construction by the guys we’ve moved our little plants to inside the yoga platform (possum pad) and a few days ago started harvesting some wood. Literally! We don’t need no hardware store Go ahead
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Orchard Under Siege Welcome back, so the last few days have been a world wind of trial and error experiments, mistakes and some enlightening discoveries. First let’s discuss our hard backed scaly creature who shuffles noisily in the orchards undergrowth digging up poor unsuspecting sweet potatoes. Yep! it’s our armadillo Go ahead
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Today’s been an exhausting one, but we’ve got a lot done! We’ve been a very productive equipo de sobrevivencia (Survival team) and have organised a schedule for basic maintenance, new expansions and constructions and individual projects like my harp trap that’s still in construction – but almost ready, only 5 Go ahead
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This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed for an early morning bird banding session. What is bird banding you ask? Well let me explain. . . The basic idea of the practice is to capture birds using a mist net (a net made of very thin nylon material) and Go ahead
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