Birding in Belize 2015

  • Fees for professional ornithologist training in mist-netting and banding and use of all equipment
  • Guided activities including: cave tubing, hiking, Belize Zoo, snorkeling on the Barrier Reef

*The all-inclusive cost does not include your international flight to/from Belize, tips for guides and trip leaders (which are optional), or alcoholic beverages at your three lodging locations.

 Trip Dates (2015):

 1st Trip: January 9th through 18th

2nd Trip: February 14th through 22nd

3rd Trip: March 21st through 29th

 For more information about the trip itinerary click here

 Custom-Built Trips:

 If you are a bird club/nature club leader or an eco-tour leader that would like to run your own birding trip to Belize with the help of our travel support staff, we can design a custom trip for you and your group with all of your needs in mind. We work with the best guides and service providers Belize has to offer at the lowest rates in the best birding hot-spots in the country. For the same trip as we are running, we are offering a total reduction of $2200 US to trip leaders who will bring their own group which they will lead in-country for 11 guests with 1 leader’s in-country fees subsidized. Overall trip cost is subject to change with change of lodging locations, number of days in Belize, and size of group.

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